Walnut Ridge Retreat Center...Our Christian Camp in Indiana

We partner with group leaders to create a fun and intimate retreat experience where we embrace God, together.

What We Do

Located just an hour from Indianapolis in Morgantown, our Christian Retreat Center in Indiana is the perfect location for youth groups of all sizes. In addition to our lake and being beautifully secluded in the heart of Indiana, our groups absolutely love the spaciousness and woodsy theme of our flagship meeting room Willow Hall.

About Us

Every great journey starts with the first step. In this video you will meet the Johnson family, and discover a little bit about who they are as well as how and why they decided to resurrect Walnut Ridge Christian Retreat Center in Indiana!



In 1940, the Hickory Hill Canning Factory occupied our 50-acre space within the woods. After its closing, a private residence was built in the 1970’s and is now the Hilltop Lodge. In the mid 80s, Young Life purchased the residence and added the ‘gymnasium’ down the hill. At that point in time, the camp could only house 40 guests. In 1995, Walnut Hills purchased the camp from Young Life and expanded both the acreage and housing capacity. The camp went from 50 to 65 acres and 40 to 100 guests. In 2014, Ted Hayes purchased the camp, changed the name to Walnut Ridge, added the outdoor stage, paintball course, swing set, slide and remodeled the gymnasium into the Willow Hall. In 2017, the Johnson family began managing the camp. Their vision is to create a fun and intimate retreat experience where they embrace God, together.

Walnut Ridge Retreat Center

Dr. Stacy Johnson | walnutridgeretreat@gmail.com